Buying a Florida Keys property

Don’t be a “Not You”

The Florida Keys Real Estate Market is extremely hot right now for well-priced homes, especially homes that are $700,000 or less. In the past week, I have seen 3 people lose homes because they weren’t ready “to pull the trigger”. In the world of HGTV shows, we’d love to let clients view a property several times before submitting an offer, but in a hot market that is simply not realistic. 

Yes, it’s a HUGE purchase, one of the biggest you will ever make in your lifetime and there are a lot of personal factors to consider. Therefore, it’s best to be pre-approved, know your absolute must-haves and what you can compromise on ahead of time. Even if you haven’t viewed many homes in person and are new to house shopping, you don’t want to lose an opportunity on a good deal if you need time to think about it. Just like we browse for everything online, I’m sure you have already been house hunting online, so you have a good idea of what’s out there. If a house warrants viewing in person, and it’s in good shape at a good price, it most likely warrants an offer. Plus, you can always get out of the contract for any reason within the inspection period, so it behooves you to at least make an offer. 

A savvy Realtor will be abreast of what’s on the market in your price point and what requires work and what doesn’t. When the right house comes along they should advise you to take the leap and make an offer. If they know it’s priced to sell, it most likely will go into a bidding war for the highest and best offer, so don’t be surprised if they advise you to offer close to the list price. 

Just like the commercials for say, you don’t want to be a “Not You”. The person who isn’t you who got the house because they jumped on it first. 

Even if you are months out from buying, but would like to begin browsing online, we encourage you to create a personal account on our website, You can create a variety of search options and receive daily or weekly e-alerts. When the time is right to buy, we are here for you every step of the way providing service you deserve